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Red rose, chocolates, teddy bears, hug n’ kisses—is this what Valentine’s Day is all about? Valentine’s Day is a popular celebration among teenagers and couples and it is gaining lots of attention here in Thailand. Valentine is originally a Western celebration but in Thailand, schools (especially English speaking schools) will have some sorts of activities where students can have fun and get creative making Valentine’s cards, buying red roses for someone they like, or simply hang out with friends and taking pictures with a giant Valentine teddy bear.

Thai people celebrate Valentine as the day of love, a day where couples go to the movies, buy gifts, and spend as much time together. According to history, the love celebrated on Valentine’s Day transcends beyond a romantic love. It is the love for humanity, justice, and sacrifice. How Valentine came to be is connected to the story of bishop Valentinus who lived at the time when Christianity is beginning to spread in the Roman Empire. Because of the frequent warfare during that period, soldiers were forbidden to get married because Emperor Claudius II feared that the soldiers would desert the army to stay with their spouse and family. During that time, Christians were the minority and were also persecuted. Despite the rules under the Roman Empire, bishop Valentinus could not tolerate the injustice and so he secretly performed a marriage ceremony for soldiers and even ministered to the Christians. When it was revealed that Valentinus had disobeyed the Emperor, he was sent to prison and ordered to be executed. During the time he spent in confinement, he fell in love with his jailer’s daughter and story goes that before he was killed he wrote a letter to the girl and signed “from your Valentine”. This phrase is still used today as a signature of affection between lovers. Valentinus was executed on February 14 and was later honored as a Saint.

Valentine’s Day has become a day not just for lovers to cherish each other’s love, but it is a day to commemorate Saint Valentinus and it is also a day for people to acknowledge the love (admiration or respect) for other human being whether it’s your spouse, family, teachers, or friends.

In the 21st century Valentine has become a commercialized festival just like Christmas and Halloween. Familiar Valentine’s colors and objects are listed below with meanings attached to each of them.

Teddy bear—this stuffed animal is soft, cute, and furry. It is used as a symbol of love, congratulation, and comfort

Pink, red, and white—Red has long been a color associated with love and passion. Pink is innocent love and sweetness, while white is pure spiritual love. They are all color symbols of different types of love in connection with Valentine’s Day.

Chocolates—Sweet candy for a sweet love. 

Roses—Roses come in different colors. Each color signifies the relationship between people. Red and pink roses are commonly used on Valentine as symbol for love, beauty, and romance. Yellow rose means friendship, peach means gratitude, orange colored rose means enthusiasm, and white rose means purity (as seen in a wedding).

Cupid—The god of love often portrayed as a winged baby boy carrying a bow and arrow that shoots "desire" into people's heart




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Siam Computer and Language School has been appointed to be the authorized software Training Center for design and animation by Autodesk,the multinational corporation of the United States that develops AutoCAD, MAYA, and 3ds MAX.



Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is used to validate that the student is able to use the Microsoft Office Suite at a level accepted by international standard.The student who holds this certificate is credited as being a specialist in using the Microsoft Office programs.


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