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Activities that can help improve your English skills


Aside from enrolling in an English language school, there are other ways to strengthen your English skills. In this article we have compiled a list of activities to help people practice English in their spare time. These activities can be done individually or with a friend. Although for some of the activity such as a game of Scrabble, we recommend playing it with friend(s). It’s more fun and challenging that way.

1.)          Scrabble--- This is a game where 2 to 4 players try to form words on the Scrabble board using the alphabet tiles that they have. Depending on where your alphabets are placed on the board will determine the amount of points you’ll receive. Each alphabet also has different points. For instance, the letter Q is worth more than the letter A because it is more difficult to form words with a Q than with an A. You can purchase this board game in toyshops, game shops, or online. Better yet, if you’re short on cash, you can always build your own. There are four basic items you’ll need for the Scrabble game: 1.) Scrabble board, 2.) alphabet tiles, 3.) paper & pencil to keep score, and 4.) a dictionary to make sure the word exists


Ok, so most people probably already have items 3 and 4 from the list. What we need then is to build the gameboard and the alphabet tiles. This do-it-yourself method doesn’t cost much, but it will require patience because you will be cutting out each individual tiny cube of alphabet pieces. You can cut out the alphabets from a cork board, foam board, or a cardboard. Here are two websites that teach you how to build the Scrabble board and the alphabet tiles from scratch:


If you don’t have time to build a DIY Scrabble game or you do not want to spend money buying the real thing, you can choose to play the game online. Just google up ‘Scrabble online” and you’ll find various sites with Scrabble games for you to play with.


2.)          Crossword puzzle--- Ahh, good ol’ crossword puzzle. A few decades ago, people would play crossword puzzle from a newspaper. Today, people can download the game online. Normally you will be able to select the level of difficulty in the game. Here’s a good website: BBC Learning English (Crossword)


3.)          Music & movies--- Who doesn’t enjoy a good movie and listening to a favorite song? Guess what? These leisure activities can help you learn a new language, any language. Just for the sake of this article let’s say someone wants to learn English. Pop a movie into your DVD player and turn the subtitle on. You will learn new words and memorize lines recited by your favorite actors. As for music, who doesn’t have a favorite tune? It’s safe to say that most people have their own special song which they like to secretly (or overtly) hum to. There might be times when you know the rhythm but you can’t remember the exact lyrics. The internet can be your friend. Chances are you will find the lyrics to the songs you like. For Thais, it’s a great way to learn English.  


4.)          Practice writing poems or short story--- Story writing allows the students to showcase their creativity. You don’t have to write a novel because writing a simple children’s story is already good practice. If you like drawing, then include some sketches to create a children's book illustration.  





Siam Computer and Language School has been appointed to be the authorized software Training Center for design and animation by Autodesk,the multinational corporation of the United States that develops AutoCAD, MAYA, and 3ds MAX.



Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is used to validate that the student is able to use the Microsoft Office Suite at a level accepted by international standard.The student who holds this certificate is credited as being a specialist in using the Microsoft Office programs.


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