Siam Computer & Language School, a higher learning institution in Information Technology and English Language Instruction, was founded under the leadership of Dr. Prasert Prawatrungruang in 1979. Subsequently, SIAM  has been officially authorized by the Thai Ministry of Education to operate as a private teaching institution with branches throughout the greater Bangkok metropolitan area   More...


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English language school in Bangkok

          All the hype about the approaching ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) pushes Thailand to be serious about learning the English language.  The three-letter AEC has been mentioned many times in the media from newspaper, radio, to television programs. Many companies are using the AEC as a way of promoting their business. Language schools for instance, urge Thai people to come study English with them as to be prepared when the regional integration happens. But here comes the big question: Do Thai people really care about the AEC? Sure, many people in Thailand (Bangkok especially) probably have heard about the AEC and the need to know English because it will be AEC’s central language. Since Thailand still lags behind other ASEAN countries when it comes to English proficiency, lots of training will need to be done here. Last year in 2012, the government started the English Speaking Year 2012 program geared at improving the country’s English language skills through initiation of various school activities and academic programs to foster a learning environment where both teachers and students can speak English.

         Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been conquered by European powers and Thais are very proud of their national language. Will Thais be ready and willing to learn a foreign language then? Do the young people even care about the AEC? Since AEC is not to commence until a couple of years from now, all the hoo-ha starts to eventually die down. People might have already forgotten about the AEC because the country has other major concerns to focus on from severe weather, political instability, and continuous celebrity scandals.

          The English language however, is not a language that should be learned just for the sake of the AEC. It is an international language that is used in the workplace, academic settings, pop culture, and tourism. While it’s true that Thai people have their own unique language, nonetheless Thailand should also see the importance of learning English because it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Asia and English will be needed for communicating with foreign tourists. How many times have we heard complaints from foreigners who are frustrated with not being able to communicate with the Thai staffs at hotels and other tourist spots because the staffs do not know how to speak English? Even if they do know how to speak English, sometimes it will only be a couple of words and broken phrases. However, it is necessary to point out that some Thai people are naturally shy and they may be afraid of making a mistake when speaking English. “Saving face” is very important for Thai people and some of them would automatically say “I don’t know” when a foreigner asks a question instead of attempting to answer. 

             Teachers at English language schools in Bangkok (or any parts of Thailand) may try to help Thai students develop their confidence through games and interactive activities. Role-play is one such example that can help break the ice and get students speaking English. Students have to feel comfortable in class. Should they make a mistake and other classmates are giggling at them, teachers have to device a way to make the students feel that their friends are laughing with them, not at them. Role-play, writing short stories in a group, and watching English-speaking movies are ways to make students become more involved and less nervous when attending an English language class.






Siam Computer and Language School has been appointed to be the authorized software Training Center for design and animation by Autodesk,the multinational corporation of the United States that develops AutoCAD, MAYA, and 3ds MAX.



Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is used to validate that the student is able to use the Microsoft Office Suite at a level accepted by international standard.The student who holds this certificate is credited as being a specialist in using the Microsoft Office programs.


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