Siam Computer & Language School, a higher learning institution in Information Technology and English Language Instruction, was founded under the leadership of Dr. Prasert Prawatrungruang in 1979. Subsequently, SIAM  has been officially authorized by the Thai Ministry of Education to operate as a private teaching institution with branches throughout the greater Bangkok metropolitan area   More...


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Let's learn some Thai vocab!

Are you a foreigner interested in learning Thai? Terrific! We have the course for you. You may choose to visit our school’s website for further details, but if you’re just here for learning a couple of words and phrases to be able to get around the country, then we’ll give you  a crash course in Thai language.

Before we start, what do most foreigners think of when Thailand is mentioned? Probably Thai food right? Coming in at second and third place might be Muay Thai or the temples. Since Thai food is so popular abroad, let’s start the lesson with learning some fruit names. Apples, bananas, and oranges are considered Western fruits and you’ll be surprised to learn the names of the strange looking fruits found in Thailand.

There was an occasion where an American student asked us where he could buy some custard apples. At the time he didn’t know they were called custard apples. He merely described the fruit as sweet and having a “dinosaur-like bumpy skin”. If he were to ask this to the local vendors, chances are that they won’t even know what he was talking about.  So it’s nice to learn what these fruits are called so you can find them easier.


  • Pomelo--- ส้มโอ (som-o) looks like a large grapefruit
  • Mangosteen---- มังคุด (mung-kut) a purple fruit with a crown-like stem
  • Longan--- ลำไย (lum-yai) a small sweet juicy fruit with translucent flesh
  • Rambutan--- เงาะ (ngok) fruit with juicy white flesh and red hairy outer skin
  • Guava---- ฝรั่ง (farang) pale-green fruit with white flesh, can be sweet or astringent
  • Starfuit--- มะเฟือง (ma-fueng) like the name suggests, it looks like a star when cut
  • Passion fruit--- เสาวรส (sow-warot) has a tangy inner flesh with lots of edible seeds
  • Jackfruit--- ขนุน (ka-noon) a giant oblong fruit with yellow waxy flesh
  • Custard apple--- น้อยหน่า (noi-na) here we go, the fruit with dinosaur-like bumpy skin
  • Sapodilla--- ละมุด (la-mood) a small oval fruit with brown skin and sugary light brown flesh
  • Durian--- ทุเรียน (tu-rien) a large oval fruit with hard spiky skin and yellow creamy flesh. Trust us, people will either love or hate the infamous smell of the durian.
  • Langsat --- ลางสาด (lang-saht) The English and Thai names are the same. Mild-tasting fruit with white flesh and yellowish skin.
  • Rose apple--- ชมพู่ (chom-poo) Note: the “poo” in chompoo has a high tone. In mid-tone, chompoo means “pink”. But when pronounced it with a high tone it means rose apple. Rose apple in Thailand usually comes in light green or pink skin and shape like a bell.






Siam Computer and Language School has been appointed to be the authorized software Training Center for design and animation by Autodesk,the multinational corporation of the United States that develops AutoCAD, MAYA, and 3ds MAX.



Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is used to validate that the student is able to use the Microsoft Office Suite at a level accepted by international standard.The student who holds this certificate is credited as being a specialist in using the Microsoft Office programs.


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