Siam Computer & Language School, a higher learning institution in Information Technology and English Language Instruction, was founded under the leadership of Dr. Prasert Prawatrungruang in 1979. Subsequently, SIAM  has been officially authorized by the Thai Ministry of Education to operate as a private teaching institution with branches throughout the greater Bangkok metropolitan area   More...


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Asanha Bucha Day

Asanha Bucha Day is an important Buddhist holiday. It commemorates Buddha’s first sermon after his Enlightenment at Deer Park in India 2,500 years ago. Five of his associates attended the event where Buddha set out the doctrines of the four noble truths which he had received following the Enlightenment. These four noble truths were: 1.) Life is suffering (dukkha)  2.) Origin of dukkha (created by craving, greed) 3.)Cessation of dukkha  4.) Path to cessation of dukkha

After Buddha shared his teachings, one of his associates recited what has been taught and it is this event that marks the initiation of the first order of monkhood.  Asanha Bucha is observed on the lunar month in July. In 2014, the date falls on July 11 here in Thailand. It is also a national holiday where many Thais would go visit the temple or go out of Bangkok to visit their families in other provinces.





Siam Computer and Language School has been appointed to be the authorized software Training Center for design and animation by Autodesk,the multinational corporation of the United States that develops AutoCAD, MAYA, and 3ds MAX.



Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is used to validate that the student is able to use the Microsoft Office Suite at a level accepted by international standard.The student who holds this certificate is credited as being a specialist in using the Microsoft Office programs.


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